Prodigy Present The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One

January(?) 1999

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Prodigy Present The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One

Limited Edition Advance CDR Promo - 25 copies only.


Original mix as intended for the shops before problems with various licenses. Features an extra intro before the 'Intro Beats' which is also available on later promos with the final mix but absent from the final release.
No track divisions as on final release, one 51 minute track.

Comes in a regular CD-single jewel case. The sleeve picture
is glued on to the paper sleeve which originally read:
"PRODIGY PRESENTS.. THE DIRTCHAMBER SESSION VOLUME" in bold black text with an XL-logo beneath it. The promo CDR was probably completed before the cover thus the glued-on picture. Sticker on the backside of the sleeve with text and number, see pic below.

Sticker on inside of sleeve...


So far there I've only located 5 of the 25 promos including my own copy. Here's the list.

#1 Arie van der Wende Netherlands
#3 Martin James Brighton, UK
#9 Chris Nye Byfleet, England
#10 Kristian Kotta Stockholm, Sweden
#12 Ian Lloyd UK
#23 Damon Fadjo San Diego, CA, USA

If you have a copy let me know and I'll put you up on the list.
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Masterpiece Masterings / XL

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Total playing time: 51:34

Prodigy - "Intro Beats"
Dynamix II - "Give The DJ A Break"
The Beatles - "Sergeant Pepper"
Hardnoise - "Untitled"
Chemical Brothers - "Chemical Beats"
Ultramagnetic MC's - "Kool Keith Housing Things"
Lightning Rod Featuring Jalal - "Sport"
Unknown Artist - "Shangrila"
Ultramagnetic MC's - "Give The Drummer Some"
Time Zone - "Wildstyle"
Bomb The Bass - "Bug Powder Dust"
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "Pump Me Up"
The Charlatans - "How High"
Jimi Hendrix - "Little Miss Lover"
Ghost Face Killer - "Daytona 500"
The Prodigy - "Poison"
Unknown Artist - "The Mexican"
The B-Boys - "Rock The House"
Chemical Brothers - "(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up"
Word Of Mouth - "King Tut"
Run DMC - "Peter Piper"
Rueben Wilson - "Got To Get Your Own"
DJ Mink - "Hey Can You Relate"
KLF - "What Time Is Love"
Frankie Bones - "Funky Acid Makossa"
Frankie Bones - "Shafted Off"
Frankie Bones - "And The Break Goes Again"
Meat Beat Manifesto - "Radio Babylon"
Public Enemy - "Rebel Without A Pause"
Herbie Hancock - "Rockit"
Prodigy - "Smack My Bitch Up"
45 King - "900 Number"
Prodigy - "Molotov Bitch"
Beastie Boys - "It's The New Style"
Propellerheads - "Spy Break"
Sex Pistols - "New York"
Medicine - "I'm Sick"
D.S.T - "The Home Of Hip Hop"
Biz Markie - "Nobody Beats The Biz"
Beastie Boys - "Time To Get Ill"
Barry White - "I'm Gonna Love You A Little Bit More Baby"
Public Enemy - "Public Enemy Number One"
JB's - "Blow Your Head"
Chemical Brothers - "(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up"
T-La-Rock - "Breakin Bells"
LL Cool J - "Get Down"
Digital Underground - "Humpty Dance"
Uptown - "Dope On Plastic"
Cold Cut - "Beats And Pieces"
London Funk Allstars - "Sure Shot"
West Street Mob - "Breakdance Electric Boogie"
Hijack - "Doomsday Of Rap"
Renegade Soundwave - "Ozone Breakdown"
The Beginning Of The End - "Funky Nassau"
Jimmy Caster Bunch - "It's Just Begun"
ABOVE: THE DISC (Notice the erroneous title)
BELOW: THE SLEEVE (Notice yet again the erroneous title on the side)


2000 K. Kotta